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where to buy beard oil – Ultimate Guide

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Beard oil has become an essential part of many men’s grooming routines. It can help to soften and condition the beard, reduce itchiness and flaking, and promote healthy beard growth. But with so many different brands and types of beard oil on the market, it can be tough to know where to buy the best product for your needs.

best places to buy beard oil:

Online retailers: Online retailers like Amazon, and Sephora offer a wide variety of beard oils from different brands at competitive prices. You can also read reviews from other customers to help you choose the right product for you.

Barber shops: Many barber shops sell beard oil and other beard care products. This can be a good option if you want to get personalized recommendations from a barber who knows about beards.

Men’s specialty stores: There are also a number of men’s specialty stores that sell beard oil. These stores typically have a wider selection of beard care products than barber shops, and they may also offer other services, such as beard trims and shaves.

Direct from the manufacturer: Some beard oil manufacturers sell their products directly to consumers through their websites. This can be a good option if you want to support a small business or if you’re looking for a specific type of beard oil that may not be available from other retailers.

No matter where you buy your beard oil, it’s important to choose a product that is made with high-quality ingredients. Look for beard oils that are made with natural oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, or coconut oil. Avoid beard oils that contain harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.



What to Look for in Beard Oil

Natural Ingredients

Opt for beard oils with natural ingredients like jojoba oil, argan oil, and coconut oil. These ingredients are less likely to cause irritation and are better for your skin and hair.


While some men prefer unscented beard oils, others enjoy a pleasant fragrance. Look for oils with natural fragrances from essential oils rather than artificial scents.

Absorption Rate

Good beard oil should not leave your beard feeling greasy. It should absorb well into your hair and skin, providing hydration without residue.

Where to Buy Beard Oil Online


Amazon is a treasure trove for beard care products, offering a wide range of brands and price points. Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of different oils.

Specialty Beard Care Websites

Websites like Beardbrand and The Art of Shaving specialize in beard care products. They offer high-quality beard oils and often provide detailed information about each product’s ingredients and benefits.


For those who prefer artisanal and handmade products, Etsy is an excellent platform. Many sellers on Etsy offer small-batch beard oils with unique blends and fragrances.

Where to Buy Beard Oil In-Store

Barber Shops

Many barber shops carry premium beard care products, including oils. Buying from a barber shop allows you to get professional recommendations tailored to your beard type.

Drugstores and Supermarkets

Stores like Walgreens, CVS, and even Walmart have started carrying beard oils due to their growing popularity. While the selection might not be as extensive, it’s convenient for a quick purchase.

Health Food Stores

Stores like Whole Foods often carry natural and organic beard oils. These stores are a great option if you’re looking for products with clean, natural ingredients.

Popular Beard Oil Brands to Consider


Known for its high-quality ingredients and variety of scents, Beardbrand is a favorite among beard enthusiasts. Their products are designed to work well with all beard types.

Honest Amish

Honest Amish offers all-natural beard oils that are handmade in small batches. They are known for their commitment to quality and use of organic ingredients.

Mountaineer Brand

Mountaineer Brand provides affordable beard oils made with natural ingredients. Their products are well-reviewed and widely available both online and in stores.

DIY Beard Oil Recipes

Basic Beard Oil Recipe

Creating your own beard oil at home is easier than you might think. A simple recipe includes jojoba oil, argan oil, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for fragrance.

Customizing Your Blend

Feel free to experiment with different carrier oils and essential oils to create a blend that suits your beard and personal preferences. Carrier oils like almond oil and grapeseed oil offer different benefits and absorption rates.

Storing Your DIY Beard Oil

Store your homemade beard oil in a dark glass bottle to protect it from sunlight, which can degrade the oils. A dropper bottle is ideal for easy application.

Joining the Beard Care Community

Online Forums and Groups

Joining online communities like Reddit’s r/beards or Facebook groups can provide support and advice from fellow beard enthusiasts.

Follow Influencers

Many influencers share their beard care routines and product recommendations on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Following them can provide inspiration and tips.

Local Meetups

Look for local beard clubs or meetups in your area. These gatherings can be a great way to connect with others who share your passion for beard care.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Beard Oil

In conclusion, finding the right beard oil is a personal journey that depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you buy from a local barber shop, an online retailer, or decide to make your own, the key is to choose products that keep your beard and skin healthy.

Ready to elevate your beard game? Explore our curated selection of beard oils today and discover the perfect match for your grooming routine. Happy bearding!

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